Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Getting Structured

Okay, let's give this blog a little structure!

If I had my way, I'd be taking classes everyday to learn about a multitude of things: anything from mythology (roman, greek, native american, egyptian, japanese, chinese... pretty much all kinds of mythology from a bunch of different cultures) to knitting.  Unfortunately I'm unable to take 50 classes a year just for fun, so I've been limited to what I can learn through books and on the internet.  However, with the creation of this blog, I've decided to branch out.  If the information can't come to me, I will seek it out, and I'm hoping that this blog will help me accomplish that goal.  With that said, here's the plan:  I'm giving this blog a little structure.  I'm the kind of girl who appreciates a little form and focus in her life, so I've decided to do some weekly and daily segments to my blog. I've narrowed it down to the following segments:

  • Adventures of the Baby Pagan-- this is going to be a segment where I explore different aspects of paganism through experimentation.  I'll basically pic at topic, do a little research, and then if applicable I will put that topic to practice.  I'll take pictures documenting what I've done and post it on here.  I encourage anyone to comment with suggestions for topics, or if you have any wisdom to share on a particular subject, your knowledge is always welcome!  This segment is really for me, so I can grow in whatever path I choose (or whatever path chooses me!) and for readers to possibly gain so knowledge about what it means to be pagan (so many answers!)
  • Culture Hunt-- I find looking at and investigating cultural traditions througout the globe to be quite fascinating, and I'm always looking at how different cultures handle things like food, religion, parenting, and life cycles. What better way to satiate my curiosity than to do a little exploration in my own community.  I'll be doing a little research, reaching out to my readers (if I ever get any...) and looking out for any opportunities to be thrust into whatever cultural subject has been picked.  Who knows, I might adopt a tradition or two along the way!  Who says you can't blend cultures to make your own?
  • People Watching-- this is just gonna be the part of my blog where I document my observations of human interactions.  One day I may talk about a particularly stimulating conversation I had with a friend, or maybe I'll talk about an altercation I observed on the streets of the city.  Maybe I'll talk about the subtle language of those of us who take commuter trains.  Who knows.
  • Craft of the Week (or day)-- I have a huge appreciation for all things crafty, even if I'm really bad at that craft.  I won't necessarily try every craft I feature on my blog, but I'll be giving shout-outs to the people who do! This segment might be weekly or daily, or monthly, depending on how many random craft ideas I can find, and how interested I am (scrapbooking? Awesome! Metal Working? Not so much...)
If I have time today, I'll get started on one of the segments and make a quick post to start us off.  We'll see where the day takes me. If I don't post tonight, then tomorrow we will meet again. Happy Hump Day!

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