Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It's Tuesday Already?

I know, I know. I haven't posted in three days. I have an excuse!!!!!

Okay, so I didn't post friday or saturday simply because weekends are usually when all I do is work (yes, I also work during the week, but usually shorter hours so I can get my homework done and go to school), and I feel that people are out and about on weekends anyway, so they probably won't have time to read my blog anyway. So, I will most likely keep my posts on weekdays.  Also, on Sunday I began doing research paper that was due... yesterday.

Yes, I'm a huge procrastinator. Sue me! Anyway, I spent most of monday researching/writing this 5-8 page pager, and ended up with 7 pages right in time for my class!  And when I got there, I was informed that the research paper deadline had been moved to NEXT monday. On the plus side, I have a whole week to tweak it (I probably won't even look at it until next week, just being honest).  However, all that time I spent writing that paper (4 hours) I could have been BLOGGING. And I'm never getting those hours back! So, I apologize to the few who read this blog consistently.  Please, keep reading! I will be updating on a regular basis, no fear!!!!

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