Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ndeya's Squee of the Week

Okay, so I have something to squee about!  I got a new cell phone, and it's WAY COOLER THAN THE LAST ONE I HAD!!!!!


Okay, so here's the deal.  I got my first phone about six months after I graduated from high school (I know, I know, I was way behind. Get over it.).  I was really excited because it was my first big purchase, and I was paying for it all on my own.  It was an exciting moment for me. I got myself the Pantech Matrix:

That's actually exactly how it looked, because I did indeed get the red one.  I thought it was so awesome, the bees knees, if you will.  Well, flash forward to 2011-- it's not so awesome anymore.  I can't use the internet, and even if  I could, the browser would make me cry (I've been spoiled by my iPod Touch).  It's also kind of bulky, and it was beginning to show signs of cell phone death. So, after being a loyal customer since 2008, I decided it was time for an upgrade.

I thought about getting an iPhone for a quick second; I mean, who wouldn't? It's so sexy....

I would've taken either one.... SEXY.

Then I remembered: I have a friggin iPod Touch!  It has almost everything an iPhone does, except mine doesn't have a camera, and it doesn't make calls. Plus, I was still a little miffed about the homo cure app that apple allowed to stay in the app store (you pulled wiggly boobs app, but curing gay-ness is okay? Kinda lame, Apple. I'd take the boobs app any day.) Also, I didn't want to be an Apple mega-fan-- I'm planning on getting a macbook pro within the next few months, and I don't want all my basic electronic essentials to be made by Apple. iPod? Fine.  Macbook pro and iPod?  Sure.  But Macbook pro, iPod, and iPhone?  If I like it so much, why don't I friggin marry it?!  Besides, Apple seems to dominate the market in almost every way, and if I'm going to support the free market and all its glory, I might as well throw a bone to those other ginormous companies who make cell phones.  Apple can't have all the fun.  I didn't want to be a complete "Apple-Head". However, I knew I wanted a smart phone.  I was sick of thinking of random questions throughout the day and lamenting because I couldn't just google it whenever I wanted to. I was sick of paying kgb when I wanted to know how much a blue whale weighs or how the date for Easter is calculated.  Ninety-nine cents a question?  That's a travesty! So I started looking at Android phones, and lo' and behold! I found a phone that was cheap AND sexy.  Which makes it DOUBLE-SEXY.

Definitely Worthy of a Squee!
Yes, I got the HTC Inspire.  It just came in yesterday, and when I got home from a LONG day of lectures and essay writing, I was ecstatic to see the little brown shipping box on the stairs, waiting for me to rip it apart.  I screamed like a little school girl, snatched it up, and hugged it for like 30 seconds before cutting that box open like a crazed surgeon.  Oh yes, I was mad with power.  Needless to say, I spent the next two hours fiddling with it, adding my contacts, connecting to a wifi network, taking pictures (it has an 8 megapixel camera; I'm not sure if that means anything, but maybe bigger IS better...).  It's awesome.

So... if you have my number (it hasn't changed, I still have the same digits as before), text me! Or call me!  texting on this phone is way cooler than before, and getting phone calls makes me feel important. 

So, that's my squee of the week! *SQUEE*

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  1. Yay for new phones! If it makes you feel any better, I didn't get a real cell phone (as in, not a prepaid one) until 2 years out of high school!

    Kristina K.