Friday, April 1, 2011

Embracing the Blessings of Warm Weather

I didn't have time to post yesterday because it was such a BEAUTIFUL day, I had to go enjoy it a little.  So, after working in the morning to the early afternoon, my friend Tashi and I took a quick walk to one of the local parks in our area.  We grabbed a few snacks and made it a picnic!  I took my camera with me, so here are a few shots of the area:

The houses surrounding the park were pretty ginormous (at least in comparison to our aparment), and I saw more than one with almost terraced gardens, if I could find a way to describe them with just one adjective.  They came down the hill in levels.  I thought it was pretty cool, and it made me think of having my own garden one day.  I'd want the one Meryl Streep's character had in It's Complicated.  That garden was awesome.

W brought a couple of snacks for our little adventure-- a bag of Kettle Chips, flavored mineral water, and a mini cup of strawberry ice cream for Tashi.  It was relaxing to be able to enjoy the day in the shade, leaving my sweater and scarves at home and relishing in the heat of this nice summer preview.  I told Tashi on the way to the park, "I'm feeling super pagan today!"  And it was true-- this sudden change in weather reminded me that the seasons do indeed change, and that whatever is responsible for it is pretty awesome.  I usually feel a little extra excitement when the seasons change from Summer to Fall (When Autumn rolls around I feel this urge to celebrate and be around/ a part of nature; I feel almost filled with this indescribable feeling of interconnectedness and maybe even otherworldliness...), but I've never felt it when Winter flows into Spring.  It's at these times that I know that I've chosen a path that truly fits me-- I want to go outside barefoot, I have this almost uncontrollable urge to just give thanks to Mother Earth for reminding me that there is beauty here, that there is goodness, and that life doesn't always have to be so complicated. It's the little things that matter.

After spending some time at the park, We walked around town and looked at a couple of local shops, and then made an impromptu stop at a new Frozen Yogurt place down the street from my house.  Now, I'm not usually a fan of froyo, but this stuff was pretty delicious, I'm not gonna lie.  The best part was that you got to serve yourself, put all your favorite toppings on and everything.  With the weather being what it was, the shop was crowded with women and their children, and it was humid because of all the bodies in close proximity.  However, the froyo made up for the stifling atomosphere.  Our last stop was a little shop literally RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET from my apartment, and yet it was my first visit.  They had loads of bags-- big bags, small bags, weekender bags, totes, coin purses; you name it, they have it in 5 different patterns.  They had some great beach bags, but they were a little too pricey to be an impulse buy.  One day soon I will go back and get a bag in honor of the beach and use it for all of our summer adventures on the coast.  Until then I will look fondly through their store window as I pass by to go to the bank in the morning....

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