Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Posting From a Moving Vehicle

I know, I haven't posted in awhile. My badness! I've been super lazy this past week, and a little busy, too (though mostly just lazy). So the blog had been put on the back burner. Have no fear, I'm still committed to making regular posts! Sometime I just can't be motivated to write (well, type) because it seems like it will take a lot of brain power, and other times I feel that life is so uneventful that there's truly nothing to say. But here I am, still posting! And from a car, no less!

That's right, I'm using my sweet Android phone to update my blog, because I'm awesome.

So, Thursday night I went to my grandma Isoke's house, and I helped her make her own blog. I love my grandma, and she is a very smart, very wise woman. That being said, she's definitely computer literate. Combine that with forgetfulness, and you can probably appreciate the what resulted. I took her to blogger (because I kinda know how it works), and of course you need a Google account thingy.

Me: grandma, do you have an gmail account?

Her: maybe, but I wouldn't remember the address.

Me: okay, it says you do.

Her: well, I don't remember the password.

Obviously that little debacle took some time to sort out.

Me: okay, now you have to pick the title of your blog and the url.

Her: what's the difference?

Me: the blog title is just the name of your blog. The url is the way people find you. When you type it in at the top there, it will take your readers right to the blog. You can change the title of your blog whenever you want.

Her: can I change the url?

Me: no. Once you decide on one, you can't change it. It stays like that forever. So... pick one.

Her: oh... *places hands on her face in a mild panic over having to make such a big decision*

Yes, though decisions, but we made it through. It was definitely a reminder of just how much I need to work on my patience. My grandma kindly reminded me that she was indeed a computer novice and that it would take some patience and love to get to the other side of blog creating alive. In the end, it all worked out and we lived to tell the tale. My grandma is now the proud author of a blog! Anyway, we also went to the gym. Oh man, I worked muscles I didn't know I had. Seriously, I hurt in kind of weird places. What are these muscles on the back of my upper arms? Since when do I use those? Well, apparently all the time- it seemed like every time I moved my arms I felt ... posterior arm tenderness. It was... awesome. On the plus side, my strong legs make up for my meager arm strength; my legs were a little sore, but nothing really worth noting. I really enjoyed the workout, mainly because I have a minor exercise phobia, and doing an hour workout with my grandma and her personal trainer helped me swallow my fears and realize that working out won't actually kill me. Plus, working out with other people is way better than working out alone. I only wish I had a workout buddy down here, along with a gym membership...

No pictures today, ladies and gents. I have no energy to post more than my words, so don't be so greedy! :)

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