Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spam is Lame!

Okay, so I've gotten some complaints from friend who have tried to comment on the blog and weren't able to.  And here I was, whining to myself because no one was commenting! Now I know why.  So, I went and changed the settings for comments, which means all my peeps out there can make comments and they will actually post.  However, they will be moderated, just so I don't get a buttload of spam.  Spam is lame!

Get it? I thought it was funny...

I didn't post yesterday because I procrastinate.  Awesome. So I had to go write some essays and do math homework.  Also, Kourtney came over and we spent the day eating delicious food and watching comedy specials.  She knows how to treat me like a queen.

Let me tell you, the weather has been fabulous, and I've been desparately wanting frolick outside barefoot (whoa, hippie! Take it down a notch!).  With spring break coming up next week, I will definitely be going outside, taking lots of pictures, and spending time with as many people as I can!  In fact, I'm going up to my hometown to celebrate my brother's 10th birthday.  I'm really excited because I don't have to work, and I get to see my family.  I don't often get to go up there and see my family because I work and go to school, and it's three hours away which is a long trip for someone who does not have a car.  The Amtrak is great and all, but it's frustrating having to rely on other people (or things) to get me places on time.  I can be a stickler for punctuality, which is surprising because a lot of people in my family live as if time is irrelevant.  I grew up being late for a lot of things, like church or school events because my siblings and I were in the car with my stepmom and my dad was still in the house, pretending that he had time to make himself a sandwich or grab a couple of last minute items.  My dad is almost always "fashionably late."  My grandma Isoke is also late to almost everything.  Last year we had a Midsummer Dinner Party at our apartment, and I invited grandma Isoke and grannie Annie, telling my grandma specifically that the party started at 5pm.  The party actually started at 6:30pm.

She waltzed in at 6:30!  I was actually excited because she was actually on time, even though she thought she was late.  Plus, it was fun pulling a fast one on my Grandma.  My dad always says, if Grandma says she's gonna be there at 10, expect her at noon.  She is never on time.  Lucky for her she's loved by everyone, so we cut her some slack.  What she lacks in punctuality she makes up in wisdom and awesomeness.

Where am I going with this? I dunno, I've got nothing else to share.  Let me post a couple of random pics, and I promise that this week for spring break there WILL be pictures of me with the family, me outside (maybe with some ice cream?), and me doing awesome things with awesome people.  And maybe even a little more about knitting or pagan stuff.  You know how I do it!

Okay, Photo time!

My mom and I in Hawaii, Spring 2009

Me Attempting to Fly With Santa.... This was in 2007...

Me and my Homie Laura, Keeping it Real at Madrigal Dinner 2007

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