Monday, May 23, 2011

Mills Preview Day and Shopping!

Oh goodness, so much to update!

Well, I actually updated the other day, but when I pressed the publish button, EVERYTHING WAS GONE.  I was so pizzled, you don't even know.  I was so angry that I pretty much didn't even check my blogger until today.  I figured that I'd give you a quick update on what's been going on since I last posted.

OKAY! So, last friday I went to Mills with my mom for a "Admitted Students Preview Day" for transfer students.  It was pretty awesome, not gonna lie!  It wasn't an orientation (That's in august, and it's a FOUR DAY ORIENTATION. Seriously?), it was just an informational day so for transfer students so we can be ahead of the game, start signing up for classes, etc.  I met a lot of other transfer students, which was nice.  As per usual, I was a shy caterpillar at the beginning of the day, but by the end I was a social butterfly.  While I was with the transfer students talking about transfer credits and how to log into my Mill e-mail, my mom was participating in the guest tour. When she came back for lunch, she told me it was pretty cool.  She went to one of the music buildings, which supposedly has AMAZING acoustics and a trippy mural of some sort, and she went to the library and met the outrageously enthusiastic librarians (no joke; I also met one of the librarians, and he was crazy in love with databases and books.  He also had a bowtie and jumped up and down with his hands over his mouth when he got excited about something, which was like every thirty seconds.  I think I love him.).  Fun fact, Mills apparently has a page of a Gutenberg Bible and a Mozart manuscript, which makes my new school pretty awesome. Also, before lunch we had a "Mills Meeting" which is basically a group of your peers in a small room talking about all the cool resources Mills has to offer.  I also learned the Mills cheer, which they call SPAM.  It stands for "Strong women, Proud women, All women, Mills women", and is accompanied by hand gestures.  Apparently the students do this cheer all the time.  It's goofy, but I have a feeling I will be doing it A LOT.

After lunch we went to a financial aid meeting (and my mother and I embarrassed ourselves).  It was almost boring, except for the fact that there was this one woman who sat in front of us, off to the side, and she was just.... not from this planet.  She had some serious atttention span issues, and she kept moving things around on the table, shuffling papers and stuff, all while the speaker was talking, and then she checks her blood glucose levels randomly in the middle of the meeting.  And then she burped, which was the point of no return for us-- we just LOST IT.  My mom and I were laughing so hard it was painful, I mean there were serious tears streaming down our faces.  My mom had to turn away from the speaker because she couldn't control herself.  I held my head down in shame as I tried desparately to control the siezing laughter, oh it was terrible.  My whole body was moving!  That's how hard I was laughing.  We pretty much laughed for like 5 minutes.  It was terrible, SHAMEFUL, and awesome.

Those are pretty much the highlights of the day at Mills.  Obviously we did a bunch of other stuff, I think I remembered all the cool stuff.  After we left mills, we drove up to Concord so we could go to the mall and get some clothese for me. My mom paid for it all, which was really generous of her, and thank the Goddess because I have no money at all and my clothes are becoming raggity.  Some days I look tore up from the floor up, I'm not gonna lie.  Anyway, she bought me two new pairs of jeans, two new shirts, a a bunch of underwear (YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!)  and two new bras.  Let me tell you, the girls needed some extra support, and the bras I got are awesome!  Seriously, it's like suddenly my boobs have a place to call their own; they are supported, and yet they aren't completely covered up so I still feel sexy.  They give me a bit of cleavage, which is nice (although, if I were to go to a club or something I would get a push up bra for some extra umph).  I've missed the cleavage.  When I was in high school, I was always wearing shirts that showed off my pretty amazing boobage (I LOVE my boobs), but once I graduated and my bras broke down, I never really recovered.... I started wearing those full support bras that give you zero cleavage, you might as well just wear a tee-shirt.  They were sad and lonely, and needed to be admired!  Well, with these new bras I'm back on track to boobie town!  Another great thing about these new bras is that they are thick enough that my nipples don't poke through when I'm cold, which I LOVE because get cold easily, and I don't to look like I'm smuggling raisins all the time.

Anyway, after that we went to dinner (sushi) and Kourtney called and asked if we wanted to see her show, and even though we were pretty exhausted (we'd been up since 6am and it was 7pm when she called), we drove to Walnut Creek to see the show.  It was a lot of fun, although I probably would've enjoyed it a bit more if I hadn't been so tired.  But I love being able to support her and see her shows, because I know it's important to her. Plus, I get to se them for free, which makes them even more awesome.

SO! That was my Friday!  And now, fast forward to today, just before I began typing this:  It's finals week.  This is the time when men and women are tested, truly tested, and not just on an intellectual level, but on a physical, mental and emotional level.  This is how the girls are separated from the women, and the boys become... bigger boys. =) I am cramming like nobody's business, people!  I just finished an exam, and then I have to go to work, and then go back to school to take another exam!  Then I have a bio exam tomorrow, and a math exam on wednesday.  This shit is for real.  And it's even more important than ever, because passing these exams are what is between me and graduation, not to mention the fact that if I don't pass these classes I won't have junior standing at mills, which means more semesters paying 36,000 dollars a year in tuition.  I mean, I already love Mills, but I the whole point of getting my GE classes done at COM was so that I wouldn't have to spend thousands of dollars a year on classes I could take pretty much for free (I get really good financial aid at COM). I'm planning on four semesters there, five tops.  Unless I go there for grad school.... but that's kind of far in the future, so I'm gonna leave that one on the back burner.  Long story short-- I have to pass these classes!  And I think I can, but I've gotta go study.

Which means I probably shouldn't be updating my blog.  Well, it's too late now!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Another Day...


I have a week left of regular school, followed by finals week, and then I am officially done with College of Marin.  Not that COM hasn't been fun, but I'm ready to be done with these classes and move on.  I'm ready to put my diploma on the wall.  That reminds me, I should probably locate my high school diploma.... kind of important...  Anyway, it's exciting times over here in sleepy San Anselmo!  I'm still on the hunt for an apartment.  I'm actually not sure about the status as far as the living situation goes.  I called Angela and we talked about possible places to live and stuff, and at the time I was confident that the three of us were going to be roommates.  But a couple of days later I texted her and she said she still needed to do research on the cost of commuting and stuff, which made me nervous.  We're on shaky ground at this point, so I'm hesitant to actually ACTIVELY look for a two bedroom apartment, just in case she changes her mind. I know that this is a big decision, and I want her to do all the research she needs to feel comfortable, but at the same time I'm growing impatient because I'm anxious to find a place so I can start establishing a job in the East Bay.  My boss said I would most likely have a place to work in the East Bay at one of the other stores, but they need me sooner than later, and I don't want to have to commute from here to berkeley to get to work everyday.  I really wanna get the ball rolling.  I mean, Kourtney and I already have a list of things we need for the apartment.  We even have a coffee table AND dining room table (hand-me-downs, but still).

We're ready.  We just don't know if Angela is.  I'm not sure where she would live if not with us.  Living in the city is expensive, and I don't think I know any college students who live in the city in an apartment by themselves.  College students are too poor for that! =)

Angela, if you're reading this, I don't mean to rush you, but call me!  Give me some updates, yo!

In other news, today I went to a pizza place called Pizza Orgasmica.  Yeah, that's right. ORGASMICA.  Because these pizzas have the ability to make you orgasm as you eat them, apparently.  Anyway, I have to admit that their pizza is pretty delicious.  I got a personal size pizza with shrimp, corn, roasted red peppers and cheddar cheese (and mozzarella). DELICIOUS. I didn't know shrimp was even allowed on a pizza!  But then again, I did have a baked potato pizza, and I'm pretty baked potatoes aren't supposed to be on a pizza either.  Anyway, I'm really gladI went there and tried something new, because I don't often venture beyond the olive and mushroom toppings on my pizza, plus that restaurant is where we will be having lunch after commencement next saturday. 

Monday, May 9, 2011

What's the Good Word?

Well, I've got a plethora of good words for you today! I've been super busy with the last two weeks of school (wtf, where did the time go?!), and summer is fast approaching.  I've got a shitload (yes, an amount that roughly equals the size of a load of shit) of things to think about, do, etc, and it's all very exciting!

Let me start from the beginning.

I found out last thursday, after much fretting and paranoid mailbox-checking, that I have been accepted into Mills College. This is kind of a big deal (for serious).  To be honest, I'm quite shocked that I got in, and now that I have I'm excited and terrified at the same time.  Mills is a very nice, very expensive private liberal arts college, which will be a nice change of pace for this community college gal, and I'll be living in a different environment filled with free thinkers and feminists (yay!).  I'll be surrounded by super smart women who know what they want in life and are probably super opinionated and talented students.  I haven't met these people, and I'm already intimidated!  At the same time, I'm really excited because hey, they picked me!  That's gotta count for something, right?  Doesn't that mean that I at least have the potential to be one of those talented, opinionated, determined women who knows what she wants? 

Anyway, getting into Mills changes the game, people!  Now I've gotta fill out paperwork, find more scholarships, figure out where I want to live, make more money.... SO MUCH TO DO!!!! And school starts in August, so I've got a lot to do in a short amount of  time.

The biggest thing for me is figuring out where I'm going to live.  I momentarily gave a thought to living on campus, but then I threw that out of the window.  I'm too messy to live with people who don't know me.  Have you seen my room?  I can never keep it clean; I have clothes everywhere, I never make my bed, and my little bookshelf needs some SERIOUS dusting.  It's like a cave.  Plus, I have my quirks-- I like to sleep with the tv on, and I snore.  There are very few people who can tolerate sharing a room with me.

I've given more thought to living off campus.  Kourtney already lives and works in the East Bay, and I would want to live with her (because she can actually tolerate my messiness and my tv habits, and because that's what couples do).  As an added bonus, my friend Angela is going to San Francisco State in the fall, so in theory we could all three be roomies and go on adventures.

I love me some adventures.

However, finding a place that fits all of our needs isn't the easiest thing to do.  If we live in the city, kourtney would have to commute to work, which is all the way in Walnut Creek (the most boring bart ride ever).  If we live in the East Bay, Angela would be commuting to the city for school (definitely doable, but maybe a little too much for a bart newb?).  Plus, renting an apartment requires having money, and I'm not sure how much everyone is capable of contributing.  I know that I probably wouldn't be able to afford a place in the city.  If only we had more time to think about it!  But alas, our time is limited.  I'm lucky enough to work with a company that has other stores in the East Bay, so I will have a job there, but they want me to transfer in June, which is definitely NOT August.  I'm willing to commute for awhile, but I'd rather find an apartment sooner than later. It takes a big chunk of time out of my day to go from Marin to Berkeley.  And sometimes the bus smells. =(

Monday, May 2, 2011

Excuse me as I just brush off the cobwebs that have collected on this blog. :)

It's been awhile since I last updated, which I apologize for, even though I admit that I've been busy (and lazy). Please accept my most humble apologies.

I've been thinking about what my blog is about. At first I wanted this blog to be a place where I gabbed about the various things that interested me in an intellectual way. I wanted to show my readers new things, and be very adventurous- one of those indie loggers, but with a twist because I don't dress like an indie-hipster. I'm more of a hippie/poor person. I really just throw stuff on in the morning, and I don't spend too much time looking fashionable (to my parents' dismay).  Anyway, I've quickly come to realize that I simply don't like planning my blog entries, and by extension, I don't like planning my day around a blog post. I wanna do things just because I want to, not because I have to write about it (even for funzies). I like to write about what moves me. I want to write about my thoughts and feelings, however mundane they may be. And I want to write with less structure, more like a stream of consciousness, which is what I'm more comfortable with.

This poses some potential unpleasantness for me, because a lot of my feelings and thoughts have to do with touchy subjects that I don't often talk about in normal daily life. There are a lot of experiences in my life that I've shared with very few people, if any; many of the stories I want to tell are highly personal in nature and emotionally charged. Some of the things I have to say may offend, although that is not my intent. However, I want to be honest and forthcoming with my stories- I don't want to censor myself just because I don't want to step on anyone's toes.

I've come to realize fairly quickly that this blog is meant to be a place to purge myself of emotions I've been holding onto for far too long. It is a place where I can share parts of myself that need to be expressed, the needy parts and insecure parts, the hopeful parts and wounded parts. This is my own way of cleansing my spirit, I suppose. My experiences need to be shared for selfish reasons: I need to be heard, I need to be validated. I don't need people to necessarily tell me that I'm right or wrong, I don't need people to tell me I'm the best or worst; I don't even need people to comment. Knowing that people read my thoughts is enough. It is my own self validation. My readers are just along for the ride.

I do hope someone reads this blog, and maybe it will be a reminder that as humans in this society we share similar experiences of happiness, guilt, shame, excitement, doubt, joy and sorrow. I'm not some famous writer, and I know that its highly unlikely that reading my blog will be the catalyst that brings about a transformation of someone's life, but that's not really the point of this blog, so I'll try to stay clear of those delusions of grandeur.

Anyway, thanks for those of you who read, and I hope you continue to do so. I'll be updating soon!