Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Another Day...


I have a week left of regular school, followed by finals week, and then I am officially done with College of Marin.  Not that COM hasn't been fun, but I'm ready to be done with these classes and move on.  I'm ready to put my diploma on the wall.  That reminds me, I should probably locate my high school diploma.... kind of important...  Anyway, it's exciting times over here in sleepy San Anselmo!  I'm still on the hunt for an apartment.  I'm actually not sure about the status as far as the living situation goes.  I called Angela and we talked about possible places to live and stuff, and at the time I was confident that the three of us were going to be roommates.  But a couple of days later I texted her and she said she still needed to do research on the cost of commuting and stuff, which made me nervous.  We're on shaky ground at this point, so I'm hesitant to actually ACTIVELY look for a two bedroom apartment, just in case she changes her mind. I know that this is a big decision, and I want her to do all the research she needs to feel comfortable, but at the same time I'm growing impatient because I'm anxious to find a place so I can start establishing a job in the East Bay.  My boss said I would most likely have a place to work in the East Bay at one of the other stores, but they need me sooner than later, and I don't want to have to commute from here to berkeley to get to work everyday.  I really wanna get the ball rolling.  I mean, Kourtney and I already have a list of things we need for the apartment.  We even have a coffee table AND dining room table (hand-me-downs, but still).

We're ready.  We just don't know if Angela is.  I'm not sure where she would live if not with us.  Living in the city is expensive, and I don't think I know any college students who live in the city in an apartment by themselves.  College students are too poor for that! =)

Angela, if you're reading this, I don't mean to rush you, but call me!  Give me some updates, yo!

In other news, today I went to a pizza place called Pizza Orgasmica.  Yeah, that's right. ORGASMICA.  Because these pizzas have the ability to make you orgasm as you eat them, apparently.  Anyway, I have to admit that their pizza is pretty delicious.  I got a personal size pizza with shrimp, corn, roasted red peppers and cheddar cheese (and mozzarella). DELICIOUS. I didn't know shrimp was even allowed on a pizza!  But then again, I did have a baked potato pizza, and I'm pretty baked potatoes aren't supposed to be on a pizza either.  Anyway, I'm really gladI went there and tried something new, because I don't often venture beyond the olive and mushroom toppings on my pizza, plus that restaurant is where we will be having lunch after commencement next saturday. 

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