Monday, May 9, 2011

What's the Good Word?

Well, I've got a plethora of good words for you today! I've been super busy with the last two weeks of school (wtf, where did the time go?!), and summer is fast approaching.  I've got a shitload (yes, an amount that roughly equals the size of a load of shit) of things to think about, do, etc, and it's all very exciting!

Let me start from the beginning.

I found out last thursday, after much fretting and paranoid mailbox-checking, that I have been accepted into Mills College. This is kind of a big deal (for serious).  To be honest, I'm quite shocked that I got in, and now that I have I'm excited and terrified at the same time.  Mills is a very nice, very expensive private liberal arts college, which will be a nice change of pace for this community college gal, and I'll be living in a different environment filled with free thinkers and feminists (yay!).  I'll be surrounded by super smart women who know what they want in life and are probably super opinionated and talented students.  I haven't met these people, and I'm already intimidated!  At the same time, I'm really excited because hey, they picked me!  That's gotta count for something, right?  Doesn't that mean that I at least have the potential to be one of those talented, opinionated, determined women who knows what she wants? 

Anyway, getting into Mills changes the game, people!  Now I've gotta fill out paperwork, find more scholarships, figure out where I want to live, make more money.... SO MUCH TO DO!!!! And school starts in August, so I've got a lot to do in a short amount of  time.

The biggest thing for me is figuring out where I'm going to live.  I momentarily gave a thought to living on campus, but then I threw that out of the window.  I'm too messy to live with people who don't know me.  Have you seen my room?  I can never keep it clean; I have clothes everywhere, I never make my bed, and my little bookshelf needs some SERIOUS dusting.  It's like a cave.  Plus, I have my quirks-- I like to sleep with the tv on, and I snore.  There are very few people who can tolerate sharing a room with me.

I've given more thought to living off campus.  Kourtney already lives and works in the East Bay, and I would want to live with her (because she can actually tolerate my messiness and my tv habits, and because that's what couples do).  As an added bonus, my friend Angela is going to San Francisco State in the fall, so in theory we could all three be roomies and go on adventures.

I love me some adventures.

However, finding a place that fits all of our needs isn't the easiest thing to do.  If we live in the city, kourtney would have to commute to work, which is all the way in Walnut Creek (the most boring bart ride ever).  If we live in the East Bay, Angela would be commuting to the city for school (definitely doable, but maybe a little too much for a bart newb?).  Plus, renting an apartment requires having money, and I'm not sure how much everyone is capable of contributing.  I know that I probably wouldn't be able to afford a place in the city.  If only we had more time to think about it!  But alas, our time is limited.  I'm lucky enough to work with a company that has other stores in the East Bay, so I will have a job there, but they want me to transfer in June, which is definitely NOT August.  I'm willing to commute for awhile, but I'd rather find an apartment sooner than later. It takes a big chunk of time out of my day to go from Marin to Berkeley.  And sometimes the bus smells. =(

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