Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New 'Do?

Time for something new....

I got to do a lot of things in high school. I went to Europe, I got to go to football games and sing all over the place, I explored bad clothing and teen angst (yay....) But one thing I never got to try was a different hair color.

have chopped my hair off- I've tried different hair lengths, so that's all good in the 'hood. In fact, my senior year I chopped off more than a foot of hair in an angsty rage (again, yay....):

Crazy, right?!  However, it all ended well, and I love my curls (and sometimes frizz). However, I really REALLY want to do something wild with the color.  I've been wanting this for years, probably as long as I've wanted a tattoo (which I eventually got in 2009!), but I've been too much of a chicken to go all out.

Well, that ends now!  I'm ready to do something a little crazy and out there. I mean, come on! If I don't like it, I can always cut it off and try again; I'm no stranger to short hair.  So, I've begun my search for the perfect color of crazy hair, and I'm asking anyone who is reading this to give (constructive!) imput.  Keep in mind, it's supposed to look a little crazy, definitely not meant to be Disney Princess worthy! Okay, let's begin:

Kourtney (who is totally NOT digging dyed hair on me) has begrudgingly decided a LIGHT pink would be the way to go. Although this lady to the right looks fun and whimsical in her cotton candy wig (it's TOTALLY a wig), I'm not sure how kick-ass/fairy goddess it would look on me, especially with my darker skin tone. I don't know if I want to look like I got into a fight with the county fair (I'm a lover, not a fighter). So, although I love Kourtney and value her opinion, I'm gonna have to say not to the light pink.

Another pick was some kind of purple, which I'm also not so big on.  I like the color purple, I'm not in love with it, and it doesn't have that pop that I'm looking for, ya know? So, sorry all you purple fans, but I'm taking it off the list!

Okay, I'm TOTALLY LOVING the darker pinks. I really love pink (I don't know why I don't wear it more often....), but the light pink is too.... newborn baby girl for me. I'm an adult!  I need a darker color to look more... adultish. Haha.  I want something bright enought to grab attention, but not so bright that you lose sight of me on a sunny day!  I know, it's a pretty loud color, but I'm loud (just ask my neighbors).  Plus, if I don't like it, I can always chop it off, like I said before.

The only think I'm worried about is totally ruining my hair FOREVER.  I know that dying fries the hair- it makes your hair lose its shine, and it doesn't feel as soft and silky as it did before it was died.  I also don't want my hair to be beyond frizzy, because it's frizzy enough as it is!  If I'm gonna dye my hair, I'm gonna have to commit to it, because I'll need to probably buy products to help keep the color longer, de-frizz and condition, etc.  That doesn't come cheap! Plus, my hair grows fast, so upkeep is gonna be... a bitch.

But I want it!!!!!! I want it BAD.  And I know, there's a good chance I'll look ridiculous, but there's also a sliver of hope that I will look like a technicolor super-hero, which would be totally kick-ass.  Plus, if I can get some new clothes that make me feel like a hipster/hippie, dying my hair would just complete the look!  And I would be totally bad-ass.

Here's more pink!

Lovin' the Updo!

Gotta love the fro, baby!

*gasp* Pink AND purple? I never thought of that...
 And just for fun (in case my liberal arts educations makes me REALLY gutsy and creative...):

RAINBOW HAIR!!!!!!! Oh, if only I were that cool....

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