Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Oh Great, Another Blog...

Yes, you read that correctly.  I've got yet another blog.

This time it's not my fault!  It's actually for school. For my Queer Studies class we're doing group projects in which we must create a group blog about a specific topic related to Queer Studies.  My group's site is currently under construction, but as soon as we get it all pretty and awesome I will post the link here and on facebook so you can check it out.  It should be pretty interesting.  This is what our blog will do:

This tumblr will examine the history of queer people and their multiple social identities as it is recorded/interpreted through media (particularly film/television and newspaper) from local and large communities (say Oakland newspapers vs. the New York Times). The alterations according to sources will be noted to see how the masses interpret this media as supportive of the queer community or detrimental. This documentation will start from the early 70's onward.
So.... you should all check it out when it's officially launched for the semester. It's on tumblr, which totally throws me off because it's kinda similar to blogger and yet it's not at all like blogger.  So some things that I expect to be the same, aren't. For instance, I was trying to make my personal tumblr all cool and swanky, so I browsed the templates and found one I really REALLY liked, and I clicked on it to make it my blog's template.  And it asked me for my credit card information.


So I looked back at the templates and I realized that the ones I was looking at all cost money.  And I'm not talking chump change, I'm talking 50 buck for a template.

OMGWTF are you KIDDING ME?! It makes me cringe just spending that much money on school supplies, let alone a friggin template for my blog. Where does tumblr get off trying to charge that much money just to make your blog look sexy?!  It took me like 10 minutes to find where they hid the free templates (is this because they were indeed hiding them or because I'm just computer illiterate?  Well....) I kinda hate tumblr already.

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