Friday, December 21, 2012

Happy Winter Solstice, and Merry Yule!

Happy Winter Solstice to all you solstice lovers out there, and a Merry Yule to those pagans (and non-pagans) continuing the traditions... or creating new ones! This year I'm celebrating with 12 days of Yule, starting with the Winter Solstice. Each night I celebrate something I (or we, if people want to celebrate with me, they certainly can) am thankful for. Tonight, we are thankful for who we are-- the good, the bad, and the quirky. We are thankful for what it took to get to where we are now, to be who we are in this moment, at the end of a year. And we ask for blessings for a fruitful year ahead. I'll be lighting a candle for the first night of Yule and staying up to watch the sun rise.

I'll be posting each night to talk more about what I'm thankful for, and what I hope to see in the new year.  I hope that everyone's winter celebrations are everything they hoped to be. Celebrate! It is certainly a time to be thankful! Eat good food, be with the people you love, and have fun!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Festival of Light and Dark

Last night I attended the Festival of Light and Dark over at Mills. It was pretty cool, and I had the privilege of saying a few words as part of the pagan reflection and as a representative of M2, or Multifaith @ Mills, a club for opening a dialogue about faith and social justice. Here's what I had to say for each:

Friday, December 7, 2012

Links and Pics

We pretty much demolished this cake.

I'm preparing for finals week and finishing up a slew of school related projects, so I haven't been able to  update the good ol' blog recently. My apologies!  To tide you over, here are some links that I've found around the intarwebs while trying to ignore homework. Enjoy!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

When Did You Realize You Were Straight?

No one asks these questions. Why not?

A few days ago, a friend of mine sent me a text, asking one of those classic "outsider looking in" questions, and I responded (as per usual) with a novel.  Be gentle with this one, guys. I did my best not to be judgmental about it, and it really is based on my own journey and experience. Also, I didn't really do any editing. So grab a snack, sit back, and enjoy!

Friday, November 16, 2012

NWSA Conference 2012

Okay, as you all know from my last post, I went to the NWSA annual conference this year, which was held at the Oakland Convention Center (Yay!) I was lucky enough to be a student volunteer, which got me in to the rest of the conference for free!  Here are the highlights, in no particular order:

Monday, November 12, 2012

Covering as Daily Practice

It's been about 9 months since I started veiling-- covering my hair-- but it's been awhile since I've talked about my experience, so here's an update:

There are definitely things I like and things I don't like about veiling.  Overall, I've gotten very used to covering my hair and I feel like it's now a part of my daily routine.  There have been very few times that I've forgotten to put on my headscarf before I leave the house-- this happens when I'm in a major rush, and I end up with my scarf half tied on my head as I run to catch the bus to school or work. I'm used to wearing a scarf daily, and it feels weird when I'm not wearing it outside the house (which hardly ever happens). For the most part I feel very comfortable wearing scarves on my head now.  The downside is that I'm very OCD about how my scarf is tied on my head.  It has to be tight, it has to not move around, it has to cover my hair a certain way or else I get really irritated and anxious. And although covering my hair is very comfortable, at times when I come home I can't wait to take it off-- these are the days when for some reason I feel like it's not tied right, or I keep tying it too lose, or it keeps sliding off my head-- I seriously rip it off my head in exasperation. I also only really have one way that I tie my scarves, and I wish I knew more ways to ties without feeling like I'm appropriating anything or like it won't stay on.

Thursday, November 1, 2012


It is officially November, and although I've been dying to make a post I just have been so busy with school that I've had to put the blog on the back burner for a few weeks. Sorry about that.

Oh yeah, and Samhain was yesterday.  How about that?

Well, for some Samhain is actually still happening, if you go by the days starting at sunset (and some pagans out there do in fact go by this method of counting the days), but that's just being nit-picky, isn't it?

Anyway, Samhain, Halloween, Third Harvest, whatever you want to call it and however you'd like to celebrate it, it happened last night.  And I must say, I was worried it would be bad, but it actually turned out quite well. I was feeling really overwhelmed with all the work I've been doing, and I hadn't gotten any RSVPs for our Halloween dinner, so I was feeling a little despondent.  As I was getting ready to go to school yesterday, my mom asked if we should have the dinner, and in my anger and frustration I said, "Fine.  Just cancel it, I don't care."  And I left the house to catch the bus and before I knew it, I was crying.  I was just so tired.  And I had been looking forward to the 31st all year.  October is my favorite month, and Samhain is my favorite holiday.  All I wanted to do was spend it with my friends and family, and no one was coming.  My holiday was ruined.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Please, Stop Getting Married

I got to school in a foul mood the other morning. I woke up late, which meant that I couldn't make the eggs that I had been craving since last night (I just love eggs, sue me), and I practically ran out the door to catch my bus, which was 5 minutes late.  This wouldn't be such a big deal if it wasn't 1 in a series of busses I have to take to get to school on time.  If one bus is late, that means you're probably going to miss the next bus, and it throws the whole schedule off. This is what happened today. the O was late, which meant I missed the 54, which meant that I had to take the 21 to macarthur and Fruitvale, and when I got there and waited for 30 minutes because yes, the NL and the 58L and the 57 were all late.  I quickly realized as I waited for a bus, ANY bus, that I would not make it on campus in time to grab a bite to eat, and my stomach growled angrily.  Fucking bus! it said.  I need food now!  And I replied, I know, but shut up, people are looking at us weird.

To pass the time, I checked my Facebook (on my crappy phone that takes 5 minutes to load a page), and then I saw them.  Pictures from some random facebook friend, pictures of their wedding. And just like that, my transformation from happy commuter to bitchy college student was complete.

Let me preface this whole thing with a bit of explanation.  I am extremely ambivalent about weddings and marriage. I have done a fair amount of reading on the subject, and let's just say that marriage and I have a love/hate relationship. Meanwhile, back in the big, wide world of Facebook, dozens of high school chums (none of which I really talked with since we graduated 4 years ago) are tying the knot. Suddenly I am seeing a lot of young women I vaguely know from adolescence have different last names on their profiles, and hundreds of pictures of expensive white dresses and flowers and tuxedos.  And I grew up in a pretty "traditional" town with "traditional" values so there is rarely, if ever, a pushing of the boundaries as far as weddings go-- no red or blue or rainbow wedding dresses, no DIY photo booths or light-saber dueling Doctor Who themed table decorations or anything that would make a wedding a little less stuffy and a little more awesome-- although I did see pictures from a wedding that was not only outdoors but like IN NATURE (as opposed to an immaculately landscaped garden, or some kind of country club environment). There's nothing inherently wrong with this, right?

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

October Resolutions Update

Autumn at Mills

It's been awhile since I last updated everyone on my resolutions list!  Let's get right to it, then:

Monday, October 15, 2012

Nose-deep in a Bad Book

I've finally decided to go to doula training!  Well, I've wanted to go and get certified for awhile, but it costs money I don't have, so I've been putting it off.  Now I finally have some cash, so I'm putting it towards my future!  Doula training (and my journey towards certification) starts in January!  I've already bought some of the books on the reading list for certification, so I'm well on my way-- gotta be proactive, ya know?-- and once I complete my training I'll be able to start attending births, leading up to my certification and maybe even getting paid!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Just So You Know

I have so many ideas and feelings bouncing in my head, I can barely contain myself.  I am in the process of like 4 different blog posts about marriage, Halloween, racism in the pagan community, and head covering, plus I'm overdue for a resolutions update, and wouldn't you know it, I've got midterms!

Some schools have midterms week-- Mills basically has midterms month.  The whole month of October is filled with midterms.  A lot of classes have two midterms and one final.


Anyway, that basically means I barely have time to write, let alone type out blogs posts that are coherent enough to post on here and share with the public (although, that hasn't stopped me before, why should it stop me now?).  Anyway, if you would indulge me, I'm gonna give myself some time and space to post here a little less frequently for awhile, so I can give you some real quality content, stuff that makes people think and gets people excited! Or at least things that are mildly interesting (and not about Justin Bieber).

Lots to talk about-- doula training, my thoughts about going to midwifery school, how much wedding pictures on facebook annoy me (and why), and of course, how psyched I am about the upcoming holidays!  So, be patient, stay tuned, and get excited!

Friday, October 5, 2012

October, My Love!

Yes! It's October again! As you might recall, last year I began my Halloween Countdown on the eve of October 1st.  This year I'm much less organized, but no less excited about the upcoming weeks!  My posts will not all be October themed (Ha, I'm such a bad liar), but I will probably be talking about it in some context.

How I've Been Looking These Days

It's been awhile since I've done a head covering update, so here's how I've been looking lately:

Monday, October 1, 2012

The Importance of Hair, Among Other Things

As you all know, in May I left the job that I'd spent the last three years of my life working for, and in August I got a new job.  It's been quite an adjustment-- there are so many things that this job does differently from my last one.  But in addition to the actual work experience, I've also had an interesting time interacting with my coworkers.  Don't get me wrong, my coworkers are very friendly, kind and funny-- I spend most of my shift trying not to disturb the clients with my laughter-- but I've come to realize that I am nothing like these women. We seem to come from different worlds.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Soup Fiasco

So, for those of you who don't know, last Sunday I went to the emergency room for burns on my hands. Here's the full story.

After waiting until the last minute to take my lunch break at work, I went over to safeway and bought a bowl of baked potato soup. I then spent most of my break standing in line waiting to pay for the damn thing.  By the time I got back to work, my soup was warm, but not hot.  For me, this is unacceptable. I love my soups piping hot, like lava.  Sure, I may burn my tongue a bit, but that's part of the magic of soup, right?

Hello, delicious.

So, I took my soup to the breakroom and put it in the microwave (set to the "lava" setting) for a few minutes.  While I waited for my soup, I joked around with one of the therapists about how we both need our foods to be super hot (that's the only way to eat food, really.  Except for ice cream.), and before I knew it, the soup was done. Huzzah!

I grabbed the container from the microwave and I could see the soup was still bubbling (perfection); the container was hot, so I set it down quickly to grab some paper towels to put between the container and my fingers. And then I slowly moved my way towards the door, container in both hands.  As I reached for the handle with my pinkie (remember, I'm holding the soup container with both hands), one of the therapists pushes the door from the other side.

You can probably see where this is going.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Happy Equinox!!!!

Happy Equinox to all you readers out there!

And if you're Pagan, many Mabon Blessings for you!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mabon Celebrations

Oh, the dark half of the year, how I love you so!

So, the next Sabbat on our list is Mabon, which is the autumn equinox.  It's THIS SATURDAY, which means I'm entirely unprepared and scrambling to get my shit together.... But for those of you who don't know, Mabon is the balance of light and dark, where the two are equal for the last time in the Gregorian calendar year.  For me, Mabon is perhaps the most forgotten of the 8 Sabbats.  It seems that all the other Sabbats have something to make your remember them-- Samhain the last harvest festival, a time to honor our ancestors and spirits; Yule is the rebirth of the sun; Imbolc is the first melting of the snow, Brigid's day; Ostara is the first spring festival; Beltane, litha and lughnasadh all have associations; but Mabon for me stands alone as kind of vague and ambiguous.  I'm sure a lot of people either forget it or just skip it altogether.  So what is Mabon?  What is it that we are celebrating?

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Clarifications: Christmas on the Defensive

Apparently, I live here.

Since I posted about my decision to not celebrate Christmas this year I have gotten some interesting feedback, particularly from my own family. When I first posted, the responses were along the lines of "so, we're not celebrating Christmas this year?" or "Does this mean you're not coming up here for Christmas?" or my personal favorite, "Why do you hate Christmas?"  It is now obvious to me that there is some need for clarification.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Rosh Hashanah?

I've been writing poems kind of sporadically these last few weeks.  Now, when I write, 9 times out of 10 I don't go back and rewrite (unless it's for school, because you should always edit your work when grades are involved).  So... what you see is what you get.  I've started a tab where I will keep updating the more I write, so you should check it out.  I don't want to be one of those people who posts their work on their blog all the time and then talks about how fabulous they are, but I would like to know if people like my stuff, so check it out!

In other news, there are a few holidays coming up, yes? Yes!  Here's an incomplete list for those of you who don't know:

Friday, August 31, 2012

Mid-year Resolutions Update

Just a reminder of how much I love the season!

It's been awhile since the last time I updated you all about my resolutions... so, here ya go!

Things I've done well:

Overall I think I've done quite alright over the summer. I'm still posting on here at least once a month (go me!), I've been reading like a fiend, I've been working on my spiritual life, and I've celebrated all of the Sabbats, which is not small feat considering I'm outrageously unorganized. On the holiday front, I do need to start planning Mabon which will hopefully be a little bit easier once we have an altar (one day....). I'm thinking this is a good time to do some much needed cleaning and organizing-- our room is outrageously messy, and every time I look at it I get so overwhelmed that I just pretend the mess isn't there and watch Dr. Who.  This must end!  It needs to be clean!  So I think for getting ready for Mabon should be all about getting shit cleaned up (and maybe not just physically but spiritually as well, yes?).

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Winter Holidays

It is almost September, which means we are slowly but surely making our way into late summer and early fall, at which time the fall and winter holidays will be thrust upon us (whether we like it or not).  Already I've seen Halloween decorations out in anticipation of "smart shoppers" grabbing the goods before the rest of America begins to prepare for the festivities.  It makes me a little sick-- I mean, come on, it's not really even September yet!-- and at the same time I'm incredibly giddy and excited, because I have to be honest, I'm a sucker for the holidays in the dark half of the year. Samhain? Totally psyched. Day of the Dead? Bring it on. Hanukkah?  It's been awhile, but I'm totally ready to spin some dreidels. Yule?  My knees are shaking with excitement.  And there are so many other holidays in the coming months that I haven't mentioned, from all kinds of different cultures.  I'm totally ready to spend the months celebrating!

Ready to party.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Happy Lughnasadh!

Today is August 1st (are you fricken kidding me? Where does the time go?!), which is Lughnasadh (some people also celebrate Lammas on this day, which is similar but different).

I would've preceded this post with a little info on what Lughnasadh is and how it is celebrated, but I'm just too lazy-- blame it on the summer, people.  Anyway, for this Sabbat Kourtney and I have decided to do a couple of little activities to celebrate.  People celebrate this Sabbat in different ways, but one big thing I've been seeing on all the message board and websites and books (I've been doing a lot of research) is displaying your skills through competition.  Lughnasadh was (among other things) a time of athletic competition, and how fitting with the Olympics in full swing in London!  Lughnasadh was also a feasting day in honor of the first fruits of the harvest, and in some paths it's the first of three harvest festivals, the second and third being Mabon and Samhain.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

And In Other News...

Okay! Well, I haven't updated about myself in awhile, and that's not really a surprise because there hasn't been a whole lot going on in my life lately; for the first time since middle school my life has actually slowed down over summer break.  However, there have been a couple of things going on in my life, and I'd like to share them.

Workin' it out. Where's my mimosa?!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Observations In A Pop Nation Pt. 3

My third installment is in the realm of Pop Culture as opposed to Pop Music specifically.  Many of you have probably heard the controversy regarding Daniel Tosh's rape jokes a couple weeks ago; to summarize, Tosh said that rape jokes were funny, and a female audience member disagreed. She stood up and said "actually, rape jokes are never funny."  His reply?

"Wouldn't it be funny if that girl got raped by like, 5 guys right now? Like right now? What if a bunch of guys just raped her..."

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Observations In A Pop Nation, Pt. 2

Brownie Points for the baby carrier, but you could do better, Beyonce.

To continue where we left off....

Blue Ivy.

I'm sorry, but that is a ridiculous name!  That child's name is BLUE. Like the dog on Nick Jr.!  Yes, Beyonce, you've named your kid after a dog with a owner named Joe, salt and pepper shaker friends, and a singing mailbox. Congrats on being an idiot.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Observations In A Pop Nation: What I've Noticed Pt. 1

The Role Models Of Teen America... NO.

As you all know, it's summertime, and the livin' is eeeeeeaaaaasy... Okay, maybe not as easy as I hoped.  I'm still on the job hunt, I'm scrambling to get my thesis data collected, and now that my summer break is half over, I'm feeling a growing anxiety over the upcoming fall semester at Mills. However, with my extra free time (you know, since I don't have a job to go to), I've been getting more than my fill of Pop Culture. And I have a few things that I just have to say.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Help Me Graduate By Spreading The Word!

Attention Blogosphere! 

I am currently looking for participants for interviews to be included in my senior thesis.  My research is focused on blended alternative families and how they are created, structured and maintained in the US today.  The requirements for selection are as follows: you must be a member of a non-biological kinship group, meaning that you must belong to a family that was created through non-biological means and deviates from the nuclear family model; OR a kinship group in which the primary caregiver is not filled by a mother or father role. 

Examples of those who would meet this selection would be: adult children in LGBT families, adult children raised by non-biological caregivers, or adult children raised by biological grandmothers, grandfathers, cousins, aunts or uncles. Participants can also include those whose biological mother/father was also the caregiver of her nieces, nephews, younger cousins or non-biological kin. All participants must also be 18 or older. If you fit this description, please contact me!  If you don’t, but know someone who does, feel free to give them my contact information! If you are uncertain about your ability to participate, feel free to contact me with any questions you have.  Let’s start a conversation! My information is as follows:
(415)-246-3724 (feel free to leave a message if I don't answer; I often have my phone on silent when I go to the gym or the library)

Friday, July 6, 2012

More Head Covering Photos

Since you guys seemed to really dig the last posts I made with my 'hur did (aka, covered), here's a few more pics of my lovely wraps.

Me with my purple wrap.  

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Old Ladies with Balls...

First off, let me say that I've been getting a lot of people telling me that they've been reading my blog, and I just want to say thanks!!!! I started this blog for me to kind of processes my feelings and talk about things I wanna talk about, regardless of who is reading, but it's really gratifying to know that people are interested in what I have to say and read my blog on a regular basis.  It's pretty cool when my friends and family tell me they like my blog.  So I just wanted to give some love to people who continue to read my posts.  Thanks everyone!!!!

This blog is basically and excerpt from my journal.  I wrote this almost two months ago, but I thought I'd share:

So the past week has been really interesting... There's so much to talk about, and not enough time to talk about it!  So many little things and big things have been going on, but it's really the little things that I ruminate on the most.  For example, I was on the bus today, on my way to Mills, and this woman is sitting across from me, no big deal. I'm reading a book on my kindle app, trying to blend into the environment so no one will talk to me (I'm not fond of bus talk, let's just put it that way).  And at the next stop a young woman gets on the bus with three kids, a stroller and a car seat; she basically took up three seats.  So the older woman gets up and sits next to me so the young mother can sit.

Still no big, deal, right?

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dream of the Divine Feminine

I had an interesting dream last night.  I had been captured by some men (I'm not sure why they had taken me), and they pulled me into this huge building, almost like a palace.  I was wearing a kurti and long, loose pants, and of course I had my headscarf covering my hair.  They were taking me to their leader.  They pushed me into a room and followed me in, and he was waiting there,  a man in brown.  He looked not much older than me. And he ripped off my headscarf and laughed.

In a rage, I lunged at him, punching and slapping with reckless abandon and tackling him to the ground like a seasoned wrestler, pulling his arms behind his back with one hand and beating the crap out of him with the other.  One of the men tried to help me; I recall him being an ally to me.  The rest of the men simply watched.  I didn't want to kill the man, I just wanted my headscarf back.  How dare he take my headscarf, who did he think he was?  And more than that, I had been captured and the act of taking my headscarf felt like he was trying to shame me and humiliate me.  I would have no part in that, he would pay.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pride and Birthdays, Among Other Things

Note to self: get Kourtney a motorcycle license....

O Summer, how I've missed you!  I didn't realize how much I missed the long days, the warmth, the smells... LOVE IT! But there are a few other things that make me look forward to summer, and one of those is Pride weekend.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Half-Assed, Belated May Resolutions Update


May passed me by in a blur of papers and projects, but I did a few good things and kept my list alive.  I'm gonna keep this one shorter than the last ones, because frankly I'm tired and my brain feels foggy with fatigue.

Like I said before, I did a few good things in May.  I continued celebrating the Sabbats with Beltane (discussed in detail here) and had a grand old time making flower garlands and dancing at the maypole!  I've also been keeping an active spiritual life by head covering, which is now a near-daily occurrence for me, although I usually don't cover if I don't leave the house (I've been sick for the past week, so I spent a lot of time uncovered and in bed, constantly blowing my nose).

Hair Before Head Covering

Saturday, June 9, 2012

O Shenandoah, I Long to See You...

A couple saturdays ago I participated in a workshop put on by my grandparents focused on expression of the soul through song.  I'll not recount everything that we did-- we were there from 10 to 5, with a concert that night until 8:30, so it was a long day!-- but there were some parts that I really liked, so I thought I'd highlight some of the high parts that I particularly found both enjoyable and relevant to my life experience.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Litha: Midsummer Celebrations

Is it really halfway through May?  Wow!  Time flies fast.

So, as per my resolutions list, I have a celebration coming up:  Midsummer! For those of you who don't know about Midsummer, it's also called the Summer Solstice, or Litha (although in all honesty, I see more people call it Midsummer, and less people call it Litha, but whatever).  The thing I like about Midsummer is that unlike people celebrate it in many different areas of the world-- it's very secularized, but also a based on tradition, and a link to heritage.  And obviously, people may celebrate it in different ways. For instance, in Sweden one of the big activities for Midsummer is dancing around the Maypole (which, unlike its Beltane cousin, is covered in flowers and leaves as opposed to ribbons to be wrapped around it).

Dancing 'round the Maypole at the Estes Park Scandinavian Midsummer Festival in Colorado!

Midsummer Fireworks in Krakow, Poland (pic found here)

In some cities, Midsummer is celebrated over many days, sometimes a week or a fortnight. And sure, maybe those festivals are less about celebrating the solstice and more secular, it's still pretty cool that people use this time in the calendar to basically have massive parties, such as the Cork Midsummer Festival in Ireland, or the Midsummer festival in Krakow which ends in fireworks and has Polish Pop bands rocking out on the riverbanks.

Monday, May 14, 2012

And Now Summer's Here!

I've been kind of dreading writing here these past couple of days, just because I didn't know what I was gonna write about, and every time I sat down to write I would end up dissatisfied with all I'd put in the post.  There are just so many things I wanna write about, but nothing seems to really flow the way I want it to. So... Here's what's been going on with me!

I just love puppies!

I juuuuust finished school last thursday.  That last week was the longest four days of my life.  Everyday I was writing page after page after page of essays and studying and all that.  Rough stuff.  I was also pretty busy socially, which was such a blessing!  On Tuesday night I got to go out to dinner with my friend Angela, which was a blast. I also skyped with another friend who is just finishing up school in Seattle, which was nice because I haven't talked to her in awhile. Then on Wednesday I went out to dinner with some former coworkers (for those of you living under a rock, I gave my two weeks notice about a month ago, so I'm officially no longer working in Berkeley).  I had a blast-- the ladies I worked with are amazing, and paid for dinner, even though I tried to sneak my card in when we got the bill-- and we talked and laughed all that jazzed.  If it were enough to work with them, I wouldn't have quit my job, but there was just too much I couldn't deal with.  They understand, but they miss me, and I really miss them.  However, the dinner was a fabulous success, and we will definitely be doing it again, with more people from work. Yay!

Friday, May 11, 2012

A Couple Headcovering Photos

Just a couple of fun shots of me having fun. I wear the brown headscarf all the time, not always like shown in the picture, but sometimes like that.  I'll post more once I get more scarves!!!!

P.S.-- my birthday is coming up.... just so you all know. :)

I like the brown one because it's so easy to tie, and sometimes I don't even need hair clips to keep it on.  Stays snug all day!

The scarf is lovely, but super slippery!!!
 I haven't figured out how to keep this scarf on with this style, but once I do, I'm totally wearing it like this out an about.

Monday, May 7, 2012

April Resolutions Update

I am so close to the end of the  semester I can taste it. With that in mind, I thought I'd give myself a break and update my blog a little.  I feel like I've been neglecting it, and I feel that needs to be remedied.  So, an update on my resolutions list.  I feel that I have done a little better this past month, although emotionally and physically I've been quite miserable. In any case, I'm checking of the resolutions one by one, and it feels pretty good to accomplish things, so I've got that to keep me going.

Things I've Done Well

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Head Covering Tutorials

I've had a couple people message me on Facebook and via email about how to actually do head wraps.  Now, I'm no good with a camera (all I've got is my webcam on my mac), but thanks to the interwebs, there are a lot of useful resources for learning how to do some of the wraps I do, and lots of others!  Just to help some of you out, here are a few. Just so you all know, I got these off of Youtube, so they're very easy to find, but I found them while using school computers in the library, which means I don't know what the bloggers say in their videos, only what they do.  So.... take that with a grain of salt, I guess. Anyway, enjoy!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Beltane-- How I spent the 1st of May

I totally meant to do a bit of a pre-post to this, but my mind has been preoccupied with school and work (which I will talk about at a later date), so I had no time to kind of do an intro post to the celebration of Beltane.  And now it's May 2nd, which is definitely NOT Beltane, and I had a fabulous day which I'd like to tell you about, so I'm gonna kinda condense the pre-post into a BRIEF explanation of what Beltane is.

For those of you who don't know what Beltane is, it is considered one of the four Fire Festivals in the Pagan Wheel of the Year (our annual holidays).  As a secular holiday it's called May Day.  For some pagans (like Wiccans), Beltane is considered one of the biggest holidays of the year, second only to Samhain (which is MY favorite holiday).  Beltane, like Ostara, is also a fertility festival; unlike Ostara, Beltane has a tendency to be far more sexual-- for those of you who are into baroque music, ever heard a song talking about "going a-maying?" Totally means shacking up in the woods.

Did I just blow your mind?

You're welcome.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hair Coverings I Wish I Could Pull Off

First off, I'd just like to clarify something from my last post about head coverings.  I may have come off a bit self righteous when I talked about reasons for head covering, and I apologize for that.  My intention was not to condemn those who do not cover/want to cover for the same reasons I do. Many common reasons for women practicing head covering is for modesty as described in their holy texts, submission to God, or submission to men, or for a whole host of other reasons I don't know about.  And that's great!  More power to them for sticking to their faith.  However, modesty and submission are not MY reasons for head covering, and I do have issue with the concept of women being forced to cover themselves for men or for God (really, I have issue with women being forced to do anything).  That being said, it's not really my place to judge other religious followers, especially when people are so quick to judge me. So I apologize.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Why I'm Constantly Stressing

"Could you tell me the way to Crazy?"

So, I only have a month left this semester as far as school goes (holy crap, where does the time go?!), which means I have a month left before I'm a senior, which means I only have like 8 months before I have to turn in my Senior Thesis, which is really rocking the pants off me right now.... there's just so much to do in such a short span of time, and on top of that I have work to think about (NOOOOOOOOOOOOO).  So I've been stressing about all of this pretty much constantly.

And then I realized:  I have to apply to Grad School.

Now, I've always known I was going to apply to grad school, pretty much since I was in high school. But I was in my teens!  REGULAR college seemed a million miles away, let alone my graduate studies.  And to be honest, my plans for college took interesting turns in the last few years.  I mean, I wanted to go to New York and that didn't pan out, then I went to College of Marin, first for psychology and then for liberal arts, all the while going back and for the between applying to Cal or a CSU or going out of state before I finally decided to apply early to Mills (which surprisingly worked out) and now that I'm finally getting sort of settled, I've suddenly realized that I have ONE YEAR before I graduate with my BA.  Sure, it's a year later than anticipated, but still.  I feel accomplished.  After all of that, now I have to apply to grad school?  I mean, I think I'm working hard right now, but just wait until I start my graduate studies.

Gotta pick one....

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Head Covering and My Spiritual Experience

I promised to talk more about my recent spiritual activity, so here it is!

There have been a few things going on with me as far as spirituality and religion go, in particular the urge to be more involved in my practices.  That's one of the reasons why I created the Daily Prayer resolution-- I wanted to be more connected to the Divine on a daily basis, and I feel like prayer is an important spiritual practice in regards to connection with the Divine.  It's been a struggle to do intentional prayer on a daily basis, but I'm working my way up.  Prayer in general has been a really important aspect of my faith, and has held steady both as a christian and as a pagan. Prayer is a very real way for me to connect with the Divine, and as a fan of rituals I've been trying to make prayer part of my daily routine.

In addition to prayer, I've been dabbling in head covering.  I know, not really a pagan tradition. Or is it?  I did some googling, and I found that there are quite a few pagan women out there who practice head covering as part of their spiritual practice. In fact, there's a private group on Facebook for pagan women who practice head covering. And in reality, headcovering itself is not some special tradition known only to fundamentalist Christians or  practicing Muslims.  The Romans and Greeks did it, Jewish men and women do it, Catholics do it, and yes, even pagans do it. And there are plenty of people out there who cover their heads for non-religious reasons, as well.

Pretty sure J-Lo is not a married Orthodox Jewish woman, but she can rock a tichel if she wants to!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

March Resolutions (Belated) Update

Oh, how far I have fallen.

Okay, in actuality, I haven't done too shabby.  But seriously, I've been slacking. Before I update what I've done this month, let me preface it with this: I am TIRED. Not like oh, I could use a nap tired. I mean IF I KEEP MY EYES OPEN FOR ONE MORE SECOND I WILL DIE! tired. I have basically been running on empty the past few weeks, with constantly working and doing school work, and to be honest this semester is kinda kicking my ass.  I'm working hard to keep up, but with all of the things going wrong with my body (found out I'm anemic, which explains the constant fatigue), the stress of school, and the craziness at work, I'm beat.  And this has taken its toll on my relationships, my mood, and my activities, including my resolutions.  Keeping in mind that many of these resolutions are more about the journey than the destination, here are the updates for March.

Things I've Done Well

  •  I bought my Macbook Pro! On the 19th after work Kourtney and I met in Walnut Creek and walked to the Apple Store and bought my new baby.  This is after a full year of saving, so it's a very momentous occasion for me.  I'm not the kind of person who spends frivolously or often, so throwing down almost 2 grand for a computer was a little startling, but I saved up more than I needed, so I wouldn't be broke afterward.  I have a nice cushion to fall back on if I need it, AND a shiny new computer to love. YAY.
  •  I've been eating more vegetables.  This is part of the eating healthier and feeling better about my body resolution.  Kourtney is mostly in charge of food preparation at our house, so she's been making almost every dinner with a vegetable, which is great.  Also, because I'm anemic, I've had to try and eat more red meat, because it's a great source of iron, of which I'm deficient. I'm not a huge fan of red meat, so this has been a bit of a challenge. I'm more of a chicken kind of a gal.  Getting more red meat into my diet is a little bit intimidating because so much of red meat is characterized in American culture (especially "women's culture") as being bad; too fatty.  If you eat red meat on a regular basis, you're begging to be fat forever.  This kind of mentality, which I've been surrounded by for most of my adolescent/adult life-- especially among my social circles-- really plays on my insecurities surrounding food, and to be honest it gives me a fair amount of anxiety if I think about it too much.  I hope the increase in vegetables will balance out the increase in red meats.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Little Bit of Etsy Love

As you all know, I'm a bit of an Etsy fan.  They have some really cute, interesting, and fun stuff over there, and let me tell you, I have a  fair amount on my wish list at this point.  Just to show you a few things....

Wouldn't these be perfect  for our party?!

Gotta love rainbows, right?

You can find both of those here at the etsy shop prettydreamer.  I'm just saying, my birthday is only a few months away....

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

March is Here!


Colors are back!!!!

Okay, so as you all know, I have a couple of reasons to be excited about March, and surprisingly they all happen at the same time!  The first is Spring Break, which honestly can't happen soon enough, let's be real. The second is Kourtney's birthday, which is smack-dab in the middle of Spring break, meaning I will actually get to celebrate it with her (yaaaaaaaaaay!).  The third is the Equinox, which is a Sabbat, and one that I'm particularly excited about because Kourtney and I decided we were going to celebrate with a party.  And we all know how much I love parties!

If only I were this creative...