Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Back In Action

I know, it's been awhile since I last posted.  I've had a wild couple of months, and let's be honest, the holiday season sure makes me lazy!  So I've taken a little hiatus from the blogosphere to meddle in reality-- the laughs, the tears, the fighting and the feasting.  I had a satisfactory winter break, and I hope you did the same.  A few updates before we move on with what I wanted to post:

My grandfather is currently in the hospital.  He's been there since early December, so it's been hard attempting to enjoy myself while knowing that he is suffering. I visit him in the hospital every couple of days, and it's been really difficult for me because I just hate hospitals.  They are so full of death and sadness it's surprising no one goes mad in there (actually, I'm sure people just lose their minds in there). Add to that the slightly traumatic experience I had yesterday as I witnessed a doctor tell a group of people their grandmother died, and I'd say I've had just about enough of hospitals, thank you very much (if you wanna know more about what happened, leave a comment or message me on facebook). However, I will keep going and supporting my family as we navigate the turbulent waters of sickness and grief for as long as they need me.  It's been rough, I'm not gonna lie.

I just started spring semester at Mills. And with my current class schedule, I will be a busy bee working on my senior thesis, so don't be surprised if I'm not on here much. Well, I'll be updating at least once a month, but if I go some weeks without a peep, please forgive me, as I am working to eventually graduate and receive my Bachelor's degree.  And don't you want to support those who are seeking to better themselves through higher education?

Okay, I gotta go. Class starts in 15 minutes. Wish me luck!

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