Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Things to Keep Me Busy This Year

Okay, so I've kinda been on the New Year's Resolution band wagon for the past few years, and every year I either forget what I'd promised myself at the beginning of the year, or I eventually fail.  Well, I shouldn't say fail; I find a million ways to not do what I'd originally intended.  So this year, as I began to think of my resolutions (I know, I'm always procrastinating), I decided to just go for it and make a list.  So I began to think of all the things I wanted to accomplish this year, and I came up with 35 things for 2012. Yes, that's correct. THIRTY-FIVE. And to make myself more accountable, I'm posting them on here, and I'm gonna provide updates on how I'm doing with them monthly (which is one of my resolutions-- how perfect!).  So here it is, for all to see; my list of New Year's Resolutions, 2012 style:

1. Write down Resolutions

2. Make at least one blog post a month

3. Read more books and blogs than you did last year

4. Pray Daily (I'm already behind on this one, and to remedy that I will have to continue daily prayer into 2013, provided that it doesn't become second nature)

5. Celebrate at least 4 Esbats.

6. Write recreationally at least once a month (excluding blog posts)

7. Create an Altar upstairs (we already have one downstairs, but it was mostly my mother's creation, and I'd like to make one on my own)

8. Stop eating at McDonalds

9. Exercise more

10. Find my passion

11. Base decisions on what I want, not what I don't want

12. Explore career paths

13. Celebrate all 8 Sabbats (last year we celebrated maybe three)

14. Volunteer; give of yourself in some way for the greater good

15. Make a donation to a Charity

16. Successfully make jam!

17. Stop obsessing over weight and instead focus on being a healthier you

18. Do something spontaneous!

19. Go to a gay bar

20. Learn to knit hats

21. Make a blanket

22. Buy a Macbook Pro (DO IT)

23. Talk to my dad honestly

24. Have an active spiritual life

25. Go to an Ashram

26. Participate in a Passover Seder or one of the High Holy Days

27. Go to Midnight Mass

28. Make a new friend

29. Start a band/start singing with people in front of an audience

30. Take Kourtney somewhere special

31. Kiss in the rain

32. Learn a new language (Spanish and ASL don't count)

33. Continue my ASL Studies

34. Learn to sleep without the TV on

35. Write a book

You'll notice that I've already completed #1-- write down resolutions. Go me!

I know what you're thinking: Ndeya, how are you gonna do all of this? That's a long list for someone who procrastinates as much as you do!  Aren't you shooting a bit too high?  Well, you know what I say? Bring it on!  That's what I say! Bring it on!  I'm gonna be honest, I might not get through half of this list, but I'm sure gonna try!  And if I don't make it through this list, it doesn't mean I failed. It just means I need to reassess my timeline. But the best thing about this list is that a lot of it I can/will/need to do WITH people.  I mean, it takes two to kiss in the rain!  And in order to be in a band, you need other people to be in that band!  So hopefully doing all of these things will connect me with my friends and family more, which is probably what I most want to improve in my life.  So I think that makes my list a winner.

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