Tuesday, March 6, 2012

March is Here!


Colors are back!!!!

Okay, so as you all know, I have a couple of reasons to be excited about March, and surprisingly they all happen at the same time!  The first is Spring Break, which honestly can't happen soon enough, let's be real. The second is Kourtney's birthday, which is smack-dab in the middle of Spring break, meaning I will actually get to celebrate it with her (yaaaaaaaaaay!).  The third is the Equinox, which is a Sabbat, and one that I'm particularly excited about because Kourtney and I decided we were going to celebrate with a party.  And we all know how much I love parties!

If only I were this creative...

Seriously, I'm kind of really excited about this party.  For one, there's gonna be lots of good food, good conversation, and good times with friends and family, and who doesn't want that?  But I'm also excited because I get to celebrate my own faith with friends and family in a non-threatening way.  It's just like our annual Halloween Feast-- people are invited to come make merry with us, but they're not required to participate in the spiritual side of the holiday.  For most of the people we invite, it's just an excuse to be together and hang out while stuffing our faces, and people get to take full advantage of that while we (and by we I mean me and Kourtney) embrace the meanings of the season, truly get to reflect on what this holiday means to us, and celebrate it in a meaningful way without infringing on peoples rights to their own beliefs and faiths.  We're really up front with our celebration-- we named it the Egg Party, and explicitly stated that the egg is a symbol of fertility and birth, which are the themes we see during the spring season, and that's what we want to celebrate.  I feel like that's something people can really relate to-- I mean, people only have to look outside their windows to see that spring has indeed sprung, and I think having a party reminds people that this in itself is a blessing no matter what faith you're in.

Not to get all sappy-hippie on you, but isn't it a remarkable time of year for the northern hemisphere?  I mean, the earth has gone through this dormant, almost dead-like state of winter, where green turns to brown to gray; the heat and movement of life seems to stop in its tracks for winter.  And then the earth does a reboot-- you start to see the grass return to green, the trees begin to blossom, and life returns... things get busy!  Animals start to make babies!  There's new things to do and life to be had!  And the earth does this (and has always done this) without the "ingenious human mind" in control; it is part of the continuous cycle of nature, and we are only here to give witness to it.

Some of Nature's Goodness.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that the earth is pretty bad-ass.  And why not celebrate that bad-assery with some deviled eggs and board games on a Sunday afternoon?

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