Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hair Coverings I Wish I Could Pull Off

First off, I'd just like to clarify something from my last post about head coverings.  I may have come off a bit self righteous when I talked about reasons for head covering, and I apologize for that.  My intention was not to condemn those who do not cover/want to cover for the same reasons I do. Many common reasons for women practicing head covering is for modesty as described in their holy texts, submission to God, or submission to men, or for a whole host of other reasons I don't know about.  And that's great!  More power to them for sticking to their faith.  However, modesty and submission are not MY reasons for head covering, and I do have issue with the concept of women being forced to cover themselves for men or for God (really, I have issue with women being forced to do anything).  That being said, it's not really my place to judge other religious followers, especially when people are so quick to judge me. So I apologize.

For those of you who don't know, I've been experimenting with head covering in the last few weeks. It's been interesting kind of gauging peoples reactions to it on the street, on bart, and on the bus.  I do see people staring; one woman even glared at me, which I thought was kind of a bitch move, but whatever.  No one has said anything about it, no rude remarks within earshot, not even curious questions (which is kind of surprising).  I do wonder what people think about my head coverings.  Do they try to guess my religion?  Where do they think I'm from?  Do they recognize the style of head covering I use?  The world will never know.  I can only speculate, but I think some people think (naively) that I'm Muslim, which might explain the glaring lady.  Maybe they think I'm some kind of exotic nun.  Next time I'll post pics of me with my head covered, and you all can tell me what your first impressions are.

Right now I only have two wraps: one is very thin and beautiful, but really hard to keep from falling off, and the other is actually not mine.  I've only been wrapping on my work days, but I need more wraps (and wrapping techniques!) so I can eventually head cover full time if I want to.  These are some of the wraps/scarves/techniques that I'm adding to my list:

love the colors on this one!  Would totally wear this during the summer!

I could TOTALLY rock this!

Also, another concept I like is the scarf/head covering combo (which I totally want to make now):

I'm finding this pattern!!!!

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