Friday, July 6, 2012

More Head Covering Photos

Since you guys seemed to really dig the last posts I made with my 'hur did (aka, covered), here's a few more pics of my lovely wraps.

Me with my purple wrap.  

Side view of the wrap. And look at the boobs!

what my wrap looks like at the end of the day if I don't pin it (WAY THE HELL BACK). 

Oh, look at that new nose ring!  That thing is actually kind of uncomfortable to put in. I might have to stick with my bling-bling studs for awhile before I take the plunge into full time nose rings. Side note: super annoying when making out. Nothing takes the sexy out of kissing like a sore nose caused by a nose ring.

Here's another lazy day wrap....

What to do....

Another one from the side....

Dunno what I'm smirking at....

And just in case you couldn't see the top!

Ah. There's my bling-bling!

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