Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Observations In A Pop Nation, Pt. 2

Brownie Points for the baby carrier, but you could do better, Beyonce.

To continue where we left off....

Blue Ivy.

I'm sorry, but that is a ridiculous name!  That child's name is BLUE. Like the dog on Nick Jr.!  Yes, Beyonce, you've named your kid after a dog with a owner named Joe, salt and pepper shaker friends, and a singing mailbox. Congrats on being an idiot.

God, I miss Steve....

And you know what?  I foolishly expected more from Beyonce!  I thought, she's not gonna pull that celebrity crap where they name their kids Rocket and Apple and think that's totally cool and hip and not at all silly.  She's better than that!  But I was oh so wrong.  After literally months of bated breathe, all of her and Jay-Z's fans waiting to see this baby, to finally hear the name they picked.... and they pick Blue!  And what kills me is that because she's so ridiculously famous, Blue Ivy has become a trend in the world of baby names! That's right-- so far in 2012, Beyonce's baby name choice is #10 out of the most popular baby names in U.S. right now. That means that in 5 years there are going to be all these little Blue kids in kindergarten trying to make friends, just like Beyonce's kid-- except all these other little ones won't have the power of Celebrity to make their name a little less awkward and a little more glamorous.

If she names the next one Purple, I'm gonna lose it.

I asked Kourtney what she thought:

Me: Hey, what do you think about Beyonce naming her baby Blue?

K: Um... I dunno.... It's weird? I mean, it's Blue.... I dunno, I didn't even know about it until you told me. *goes back to edc forums to do geek stuff*

Okay, so she doesn't give a crap about pop culture, and perhaps I should follow her lead on this one. But they suck me in with the bright lights and shiny clothes and fabulous lifestyle... I begin to forget that a lot of them are REALLY stupid...

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