Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Happy Lughnasadh!

Today is August 1st (are you fricken kidding me? Where does the time go?!), which is Lughnasadh (some people also celebrate Lammas on this day, which is similar but different).

I would've preceded this post with a little info on what Lughnasadh is and how it is celebrated, but I'm just too lazy-- blame it on the summer, people.  Anyway, for this Sabbat Kourtney and I have decided to do a couple of little activities to celebrate.  People celebrate this Sabbat in different ways, but one big thing I've been seeing on all the message board and websites and books (I've been doing a lot of research) is displaying your skills through competition.  Lughnasadh was (among other things) a time of athletic competition, and how fitting with the Olympics in full swing in London!  Lughnasadh was also a feasting day in honor of the first fruits of the harvest, and in some paths it's the first of three harvest festivals, the second and third being Mabon and Samhain.

So!  Kourtney and I have decided that today we're going to start out our celebration by lighting a candle to our ancestors and patrons, arm wrestle, eat some of the fruits of the harvest, pray, and watch some of the Olympics!

In other, slightly related news, we still don't have an altar (despite my begging and pleading and maybe some nagging), which frustrates me to no end. Kourtney and I were talking about it last night, lamenting at the fact that we don't have this statue and that candle holder, etc, and then we realized-- we don't need any of that stuff to make a nice altar!  In fact, with a little bit of creativity and ingenuity, we can use everyday household items to make a fabulous altar without spending the big bucks.  So I think in the next couple of week we'll be working on that, and maybe soon I will be able to cross that off of my resolutions list!  And maybe one day, with more money and resources, our Sabbat altar will look like this:

Or this:

I'll keep it in my prayers and see what happens.

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