Friday, October 19, 2012

Please, Stop Getting Married

I got to school in a foul mood the other morning. I woke up late, which meant that I couldn't make the eggs that I had been craving since last night (I just love eggs, sue me), and I practically ran out the door to catch my bus, which was 5 minutes late.  This wouldn't be such a big deal if it wasn't 1 in a series of busses I have to take to get to school on time.  If one bus is late, that means you're probably going to miss the next bus, and it throws the whole schedule off. This is what happened today. the O was late, which meant I missed the 54, which meant that I had to take the 21 to macarthur and Fruitvale, and when I got there and waited for 30 minutes because yes, the NL and the 58L and the 57 were all late.  I quickly realized as I waited for a bus, ANY bus, that I would not make it on campus in time to grab a bite to eat, and my stomach growled angrily.  Fucking bus! it said.  I need food now!  And I replied, I know, but shut up, people are looking at us weird.

To pass the time, I checked my Facebook (on my crappy phone that takes 5 minutes to load a page), and then I saw them.  Pictures from some random facebook friend, pictures of their wedding. And just like that, my transformation from happy commuter to bitchy college student was complete.

Let me preface this whole thing with a bit of explanation.  I am extremely ambivalent about weddings and marriage. I have done a fair amount of reading on the subject, and let's just say that marriage and I have a love/hate relationship. Meanwhile, back in the big, wide world of Facebook, dozens of high school chums (none of which I really talked with since we graduated 4 years ago) are tying the knot. Suddenly I am seeing a lot of young women I vaguely know from adolescence have different last names on their profiles, and hundreds of pictures of expensive white dresses and flowers and tuxedos.  And I grew up in a pretty "traditional" town with "traditional" values so there is rarely, if ever, a pushing of the boundaries as far as weddings go-- no red or blue or rainbow wedding dresses, no DIY photo booths or light-saber dueling Doctor Who themed table decorations or anything that would make a wedding a little less stuffy and a little more awesome-- although I did see pictures from a wedding that was not only outdoors but like IN NATURE (as opposed to an immaculately landscaped garden, or some kind of country club environment). There's nothing inherently wrong with this, right?

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

October Resolutions Update

Autumn at Mills

It's been awhile since I last updated everyone on my resolutions list!  Let's get right to it, then:

Monday, October 15, 2012

Nose-deep in a Bad Book

I've finally decided to go to doula training!  Well, I've wanted to go and get certified for awhile, but it costs money I don't have, so I've been putting it off.  Now I finally have some cash, so I'm putting it towards my future!  Doula training (and my journey towards certification) starts in January!  I've already bought some of the books on the reading list for certification, so I'm well on my way-- gotta be proactive, ya know?-- and once I complete my training I'll be able to start attending births, leading up to my certification and maybe even getting paid!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Just So You Know

I have so many ideas and feelings bouncing in my head, I can barely contain myself.  I am in the process of like 4 different blog posts about marriage, Halloween, racism in the pagan community, and head covering, plus I'm overdue for a resolutions update, and wouldn't you know it, I've got midterms!

Some schools have midterms week-- Mills basically has midterms month.  The whole month of October is filled with midterms.  A lot of classes have two midterms and one final.


Anyway, that basically means I barely have time to write, let alone type out blogs posts that are coherent enough to post on here and share with the public (although, that hasn't stopped me before, why should it stop me now?).  Anyway, if you would indulge me, I'm gonna give myself some time and space to post here a little less frequently for awhile, so I can give you some real quality content, stuff that makes people think and gets people excited! Or at least things that are mildly interesting (and not about Justin Bieber).

Lots to talk about-- doula training, my thoughts about going to midwifery school, how much wedding pictures on facebook annoy me (and why), and of course, how psyched I am about the upcoming holidays!  So, be patient, stay tuned, and get excited!

Friday, October 5, 2012

October, My Love!

Yes! It's October again! As you might recall, last year I began my Halloween Countdown on the eve of October 1st.  This year I'm much less organized, but no less excited about the upcoming weeks!  My posts will not all be October themed (Ha, I'm such a bad liar), but I will probably be talking about it in some context.

How I've Been Looking These Days

It's been awhile since I've done a head covering update, so here's how I've been looking lately:

Monday, October 1, 2012

The Importance of Hair, Among Other Things

As you all know, in May I left the job that I'd spent the last three years of my life working for, and in August I got a new job.  It's been quite an adjustment-- there are so many things that this job does differently from my last one.  But in addition to the actual work experience, I've also had an interesting time interacting with my coworkers.  Don't get me wrong, my coworkers are very friendly, kind and funny-- I spend most of my shift trying not to disturb the clients with my laughter-- but I've come to realize that I am nothing like these women. We seem to come from different worlds.