Monday, January 14, 2013

Resolutions 2012: Recap

Happy New Year!

Okay, peeps. here it is: the results of my resolutions challenge! I'll give you the list first, before I go into the deets:

1. Write down Resolutions DONE

2. Make at least one blog post a month DONE

3. Read more books and blogs than you did last year DONE

4. Pray Daily (I'm already behind on this one, and to remedy that I will have to continue daily prayer into 2013, provided that it doesn't become second nature) DONE (sorta)

5. Celebrate at least 4 Esbats. Did not accomplish!

6. Write recreationally at least once a month (excluding blog posts) DONE

7. Create an Altar upstairs (we already have one downstairs, but it was mostly my mother's creation, and I'd like to make one on my own) DONE!!!!

8. Stop eating at McDonalds DONE!!!

9. Exercise more DONE

10. Find my passion DONE

11. Base decisions on what I want, not what I don't want DONE

12. Explore career paths DONE

13. Celebrate all 8 Sabbats (last year we celebrated maybe three) DONE

14. Volunteer; give of yourself in some way for the greater good. Did not accomplish

15. Make a donation to a Charity Did not accomplish?

16. Successfully make jam! Did not accomplish

17. Stop obsessing over weight and instead focus on being a healthier you DONE

18. Do something spontaneous! DONE

19. Go to a gay bar Did not accomplish

20. Learn to knit hats Did not accomplish

21. Make a blanket Did not accomplish

22. Buy a Macbook Pro (DO IT) DONE

23. Talk to my dad honestly Did not accomplish

24. Have an active spiritual life DONE

25. Go to an Ashram Did not accomplish

26. Participate in a Passover Seder or one of the High Holy Days Did not accomplish-- but I did celebrate Hanukkah, so I'm gonna throw myself a bone and consider this a win. DONE

27. Go to Midnight Mass Did not accomplish

28. Make a new friend DONE

29. Start a band/start singing with people in front of an audience Started, but not finished

30. Take Kourtney somewhere special DONE

31. Kiss in the rain Did not accomplish

32. Learn a new language (Spanish and ASL don't count) Did not accomplish

33. Continue my ASL Studies Did not accomplish

34. Learn to sleep without the TV on HAHA Yeah right. Did not accomplish

35. Write a book Did not accomplish

Well, I completed 19 things on my list. 19 things! That's nothing to sneeze at! sure, I didn't the other 15, but it's about the journey, not the destination. Plus, I've got time to complete more of this stuff. To recap:

I wrote down my resolutions.  I updated this blog around 4 times a month.  I found lots of new blogs to read,  including Talk Birth, .breaking into blossom., first the egg, kosher granola, and deaf pagan crossroads. I really worked on prayer this year, in addition to being thankful. I started covering my hair as a commitment to thankfulness and a reverence to the divine (and maybe a little bit of rebellion against society's pressure to keep up "sexy hair"). I stayed away from MacDonald's (YAY!) and avoided fast food restaurants for a whole year (except for a couple late-night taco bell runs. Let's be honest, Taco bell is disgusting, but sometimes you can't help but want it). I got a gym membership and started working out (and then stopped when school got crazy)-- I plan on putting my membership to good use this year! I finally decided on a career path for myself, and I've realized I have a real passion for birthing justice, reproductive rights, and the maternity industry. I'm pretty determined to become a midwife (but you know me, I'm always changing my mind!), and I can't wait to go to grad school and continue my education!

Thankful for my family. Even when they're jerks.

I celebrated all eight Sabbats this year, and even though we didn't have parties for each one (and maybe we didn't celebrate as fully as I wanted to), it was great to be able to focus more on each holiday. I now officially have an altar on top of my dresser (FINALLY!!!!), I really got spiritual-- I prayed more, I covered my hair, I celebrated the holy days, and I really tried to be thankful for my blessings. I read some great books, like Dear White America by Tim Wise, Marriage, a History and The Way We Never Were by Stephanie Coontz, Baby Catcher by Peggy Vincent, Cinderella Ate My Daughter by Peggy Orenstein and Pushed by Jennifer Block (all available as kindle books!). I bought myself a Macbook Pro (Yay!), which has really been a godsend because I can now update my blog whenever I want, in addition to a lot of other cool stuff I have yet to take advantage of (garage band anyone?).

Books, baby.

I gotta be honest, 2012 was a pretty good year. I mean, I wrote a whole thesis with my own original research, I made some new friends, I quit my job and got a new one... Okay, maybe it wasn't ALL good-- my grandfather died, I cried more than a few times over school, and I bought some god-awful work pants that don't really fit me and now I have to wear them like all the time. But there were some highs to combat the lows. There was pain, and grief, and anxiety this year. But there was also joy and happiness, excitement and contentment. I am so blessed to have such an amazing support system-- my family and friends got me through the tough stuff and were there to celebrate the good stuff. I couldn't ask for a better community of people than the ones I have. THANK YOU!

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