Monday, April 8, 2013


Fireworks, bro.
So... a couple of weeks ago I went to Disneyland! And it was a great vacation. Kourtney and I took Amtrak (which took forever), and we got a good 3 days in the parks. We went down there to surprise Imani, because his marching band was going down to perform in the Soundsational parade, and he was SO SURPRISED to see us! It was such a treat to see him in his little uniform, marching down the street with all those faces in the crowd cheering and clapping, especially since I got to do the same when I was in middle school. It was really trippy to be in that environment again, but on the sidelines instead of in the band. Marching band flashbacks!!!! I was disappointed that the band at Gilmore (my old middle school) no longer has a color guard (WHAT?!) and also no longer plays Louie Louie-- losing that tradition is really a tragedy! However, they were great, and I'm so proud of my little brother!

Here are some pics of the trip:

Imani almost got beat up by a storm trooper.

I apparently almost pooped my pants on Splash Mountain...

Kourtney got a new hat (also, it was her birthday!).

I took LOTS of pictures of Kourtney eating food...

Which she did not appreciate...

Seriously, she didn't like it.

I wore Minnie ears for like 3 days.

Well aren't we just the cutest....

See if you can spot Imani in the sea of middle schoolers!

We ate like.... a thousand churros.

In line for Star Tours!

I know, we're silly.

Apparently I shoot like a gangsta...

The end!

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  1. Ahh, thanks for sharing! I forget how magical the Kingdom can be, especially with loved ones! So glad you got to go and play! And yes, you are silly and cute, and adorable, I might add!