Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Weddings and Menorahs

Oh goodness, it's already December and I haven't posted since October. Truly, I try to post, but as soon as I log in to start writing I get major writer's block, and everything I want to write suddenly seems to trivial, or to personal, or lame or forced or blah blah blah. Anyway, here I am, attempting to rise up from blogger death and bring some news.

One of the venues we looked at

Wedding venue shopping is just slightly infuriating, because I am prone to overshopping. Or perhaps a better way of saying it is that I am easily overwhelmed by choices? So I go online and look at all the different places to choose from and I kind of lose my shit. So as you can imagine, I am ready to just pick one and be done with it. But at the same time, I don't want to pick one that I'll end up hating six months down the line. And then to make it just a bit more complicated for myself, I'm constantly looking at other stuff when I should be researching venues. So I'll be like "This is a nice venue over here-- oooh, look at that dress! Oh, I should look at cake toppers, and what about Doctor Who centerpieces? I should find a Harry Potter ring box for the ceremony..." I'm easily distracted. Part of me just wants someone else to plan this whole thing without my input and I'll just show up on my wedding day ready to go. But really, it's not that bad. I'm fully enjoying being engaged, it's an exciting time, and I really should enjoy it while it's here. It's still so new to me, when I talk about Kourtney I still sometimes say "My girlfriend" instead of "My Fiancee." Most of the time people correct me.

I'm ready call her my wife.

We're adorable.